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Town Hall 13 War Attacking Tips


TH13 War Attacking Tips

War attacks are different compared to pushing and farming. You have a lot of time to think about planning an attack on a base, imagining the traps and units that might get activated etc. Choosing the right strategy for a base is important. One attack strategy isn’t applicable for all types of bases, there are changes which can be followed. It follows on how you plan your attack, how your troops should go through, how to take out vulnerable defenses and so on. Here are some tips to follow for landing good war attacks:

  • Always have your war troops and spells maxed out for Town Hall 13. Always have a couple or more war strategies ready, and max them troops out.
  • Plan according to your opponent base, don’t stick on to one attack strategy, especially in Town Hall 13, majority bases are spread out and even some attacks in the meta can’t be trusted.
  • Don’t keep any heroes under upgrade/heal for wars
  • Ask the pros for tips. Always refer to other attacks in the clan/internet so that you can get to know more tips.
  • If you are planning to attack a base that has been already attacked, try to look at the previous attack and learn about traps and plan accordingly.
  • Don’t rush troops early, patiently clear distractive buildings, and then push your troops inside.

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