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Clash of Clans Spring 2022 Update features


1. Clan Capital

In its essence, Clan Capital gives the opportunity for members of a clan to build and battle together. There will be numerous districts in Clan Capital. Every district is unique and will reportedly feature its own unique aesthetics and defenses. Every district will have its own district hall which works very similar to the town hall you already know and love in Clash of Clans.

Players can upgrade the District hall by using Capital Gold. Capital gold is mostly used for repairing ruins and upgrading buildings. The maximum level you can upgrade a building to is determined by the level of your district hall whose level in turn is determined by the maximum level of your Capital Hall, which we’ll take a look at in a moment. Any member in the clan can donate to upgrade any building or repair any ruin.

At the top, you’ll find what is known as the Capital Peak. The Capital Peak will be available as soon as players enter the Capital. Every Capital Peak will feature a Capital Hall. Upgrading your Capital Hall will unlock not only new buildings and districts but also new levels for buildings and districts. Each and every district will also be personalized with its own terrains.

Leaders and co-leaders also have the ability to move buildings around in their own districts, thus giving districts their own unique look. Laboratories don’t make a return in Clan Capital. Instead, new troops and spells are unlocked when a player repairs a certain ruin.

Every member counts

Not only do clan members get the opportunity to build together but they also get the chance to battle together. However attacks aren’t easy, and it makes take you multiple attacks to 3-star a district. However, damage between different attacks is carried over. This means that if you damage a district by 20%, your clan members can continue from where you left off. Spells too last longer in the capital giving players the chance to strategize and organize their own clan members’ attacks.

Another big advantage of the Clan Capital update is that everyone in the clan will have access to the same troops and spells based on the buildings that have been unlocked or leveled up by the clan itself. So, if you have any friends who are new to Clash of Clans, you need not have to worry. They will have access to the same troops and spells as every other member of your clan. Nobody is at a disadvantage!

Raids in Clan Capital

Raids in Clan Capital will occur every weekend. However, supercell confirmed that the first raid will not occur for a while as they want to give players the chance to properly build up their districts. Supercell also mentioned that a test raid would occur before the first official raid weekend, so you better keep your eyes peeled for any unwelcome visitors!

Matchmaking for raids is done based on how much you have progressed in Clan Capital. Every district is grouped into different layers for the attack. To progress to the next layer, a clan must first wipe out all the districts in the current layer. Every clan member will be allotted a set number of attacks they can use over the raid weekend. Clan members also have the opportunity to get a bonus attack the first time they three-star a district. Once a raid is complete, clan members will automatically be put in the matchmaking queue for the next raid.

During a raid, players will have the chance to loot the capital gold from buildings in a district. At the end of the weekend, every clan member will be rewarded with “raid medals”. Raid medals are awarded for the number of successful raids you complete as well as how successfully you are able to stave off incoming raids. Raid medals can be used to personally fill your Clan castle troops. Additionally, the Raid medals can also be used to purchase items from traders in weekly deals.

2. The Forge

The Forge is a brand new building that opens when you reach Town Hall level 6, and it’s located next to the Air Ship that transports you to your Clan Capital. Every day, this structure allows you to produce and collect modest amounts of Capital Gold, which is used to upgrade your Capital buildings. Furthermore, high-level Town Hall players will be able to assign Builders to swap Home Village and Builder Base resources for Capital Gold, requiring a free Builder to do so. Builder Potions and the Builder Boost from the Gold Pass will also speed up and minimise the time it takes to create Capital Gold at the Forge.

3. Flying Fortress (Clan Capital Mega Troop)

The Flying Fortress is a Clan Capital-only Mega Troop! It fires cannonballs, aims at defences, and fires against ground and air units. The Skeleton Gliders that soar over enemy barriers, as well as a swarm of Skeletons that swarm ground targets, are delivered by the Flying Fortress.

4. Mountain Golem (Clan Capital Mega Troop)

Mountain Golem has a big punch and deals a lot of damage in a wide area when it attacks. It also has a unique Crush ability that allows it to break down walls simply by touching them!

5. Home Village Balance Changes

  • Level 12 Air Defense – HP increased from 1600 to 1650
  • Level 4 Seeking Air Mine – Damage increased from 2400 to 2500
  • Defensive Builder repair from 55/60 to 60/70 for level 3 and 4 Builder’s Hut respectively
  • Level 8 & 9 Super Dragon DPS decreased from 414/448 to 405/429
  • Super Dragon attack range decreased by 0.5 tiles
  • Level 4-10 Unicorn heals decreased from 59/62/65/68/71/74/77 to 58/60/62/64/66/68/70

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