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5 Times Clash Of Clans Got Hacked

Ah yes.. clash of clans the unhackable game.

The game that you cannot hack no matter how hard you try or can you.

Today we're going to be talking about some of the few times clash of clans has been successfully hacked, and yeah, clash of clans is an incredibly hard game to hack but that doesn't mean it's not possible.

So we're gonna be reviewing some incidents in clash of clans that should have never happened. So let's get right into it let's do this.

Thousands of giants  as we said clash of clans is pretty much  unhackable for the most part i mean sure  there's been third party tools that have  been floating around for  a few years but those tools don't modify  the game's code  they're simply tools but they can also  get you banned so don't try them.

There are also private servers which rip the game from its live server and put it into its own.

In order to get access into the game and the live server you'd have to hack into that server, and that is the reason why hacking clash of clans is like an impossible task, but happens.

On August of 2015, a user named obit khan, i believe, managed to hack into the main server of clash of clans and do things you normally can't do.

People started to report that they were  being attacked by a guy  using thousands of one troop,  specifically  thousands of giants; he literally went  around three staring at some people,  having the best time of his life and not  giving a single damn..

It was crazy at that time seeing someone actually hack the game and is still mind blowing to this day but also it's kind of funny not gonna lie eventually supercell banned the player and had a maintenance break I believe and we never heard from it again.

In fact, when i tried to find this original post that i showcased in that old video it was nowhere to be found the only reason i even remembered about this event is because i so happen to be scrolling through my old videos.

 so  yeah this was crazy, no one knows how he  did it  and we'll probably never know.

Strange base in november of 2015 an interesting base was discovered and it was pretty obvious this was no ordinary base and the clan called the revenge clan a player by the name aurel seemed to have a few things wrong with his base first off and probably the most obvious he had some obstacles that he shouldn't have had yes obstacles that only appear in goblin maps.

how did he get those perhaps you may be  convinced that these used to spawn in  the old days  and this guy so happened to be one of  those first players  no the pole with the horns and the  pointy stone  only ever appeared in goblin maps when  clicking on the poll you could even see  the code name that clearly mentioned  goblin pole.

But other than these  obstacles there is a lot more going on  with this base  he had no clan castle you know  that's funny because he's a leader of  the clan that he's in right now how is  that possible he didn't have a clan  castle so this shouldn't be happening  now he may have sold the clan castle  when it was possible.

 yes  i know that was possible at one point  but when you sold your clan castle you  would automatically be kicked from your  clan  he definitely wouldn't still be a leader  years later.

The base also had no camps no builders  more defenses and walls than he could  even build  and defense levels that were way too  high in level for his town hall now a  few days later after this was brought to  supercell's attention they did end up  fixing the base which confirms this  wasn't a normal base  at all.

 after the fix the goblin map  obstacles were gone  all of his buildings were back and his  levels they were all back to normal you  know  just an ordinary base it isn't very  clear what happened here but there was a  post that mentioned the base was raided  by  goblins and it turned into their own  village and supercell had to go  fix it but that story  just seems ridiculous like come on  it seems like someone took it out of  book and just like yeah  the goblins raided this village and  they made it their own come on it's a  game you would have to code that in  for that to be possible what probably  and  most likely happened is this guy found a  way to  import some of the obstacles from the  goblin bases  into his own base and managed to remove  some of the most  important buildings and also add stuff  that he couldn't to his own base  a lot of people may pass it off as just  a good old glitch but  come on things like this just don't  happen out of nowhere.

server error i actually mentioned this  in a previous video but i wanted to  discuss it again because the video i  mentioned it  was a top glitch video of all time and  this one  was no glitch before we discuss it in  detail though i wanted to let you guys  know that this  bug has existed forever and people still  do receive this server error from time  to time  but this occasion was very different  so if you see a server error of some  kind while attacking you know clean and  server or out of sync blah blah  it's probably your wi-fi a sudden bug or  a genuine problem with the server  reloading the game  should fix the issue now let's get into  the  real topic of discussion here it was  around late 2014  or early 2015 i was in the leaderboards  at the time  no i'm not trying to brag this is just a  very important detail of the hack  that occurred i'm telling it from my own  perspective at the time  players in the leaderboards were  experiencing what they thought was just  a bug.

 but it was making them lose tons  of trophies  which was a serious issue.

basically  every time  me or anyone in my clan or anyone in  neighboring clans  tried to attack the second they dropped  a troop the game would display a clean  and server or  out of sync error but this was no error  it was bigger than that every time you'd  attack the same thing would happen  and this would happen over and over.

but  it seemed to happen  only when attacking certain bases and  since the leaderboards at the time was  incredibly different  you would commonly attack the same  people multiple times over the course of  your entire time up there  someone had managed to mess with their  base somehow  and exploit it to win endless trophies  and defenses  and then share this exploit with their  clan mates or friends  and sooner or later there was a select  group of players that when you attacked  them  you would get this error and lost  trophies eventually supercell got  involved and the matter was resolved  within a day  of the breach to this day this is one of  the craziest things i got to experience  firsthand  and every time i retell this story  people say yeah i mean i get that error  all the time  it's no big deal but no like i said this  was incredibly different  what we were experiencing was the  greatest hack  to the clash of clans leaderboards in  history  layering buildings ok we've seen  glitches where two bullyings stack on  top of each other and it makes up for a  great screenshot you share with your  friends  but this one is different well not  really but it's a more extreme version  of that  in november of 2020 a youtuber by the  name clash with corey  encountered a rather strange base at  first glance  the defense replay looks normal and hey  it's free loot right  in order to get trophies though corey  decided to attack the town hall but  there was something  off the inferno tower and the builder  hut  looked weird yes they were stacked on  top of  multiple buildings and no not just two  this time it was up to six buildings  in one spot when corey tried to take out  the inferno tower there was actually  a tesla plus three more buildings behind  it  and when he focused on the boulder hut  there was six  builder huts like all of his boulder  huts  including one tesla in that one spot to  add more depth to this bizarre encounter  the guy's name was  hacker is back implying that hey  i'm back now as i mentioned this  happened months ago and his account has  been deleted  as you guys know supercell just doesn't  go around deleting people's accounts  if there is an issue with your name  they'll ask you to change the name  if there's an issue with the base you  have set up like  you made something bad well they'll just  ask you to change it or ban you for  about a week or i don't know  if you did something wrong you might get  banned for life  but they won't delete your account it  isn't until  account goes missing until you realize  something even bigger is going  on here it looks like hacker is back  was indeed a hacker and managed to mess  around with the game's code in a live  server  to do the impossible as i mentioned two  buildings stacked on top of each other  happens every now and then and it's  usually just a small glitch or a bug but  this one was a very different scenario  and it's crazy how he managed to achieve  this the only reason his account was  removed was due to reports about the  base having some  interesting features security breach  now this last one isn't based on the  game getting hacked  but rather the company supercell itself  but  it did have some connections to clash of  clans directly so i wanted to  briefly mention this one on february of  2014  a syrian hacker claimed to have hacked  into supercell's facebook pages  and administrator panels specifically  for clash of clans he had gained access  to  very private information of the company  he explained that this hack was to teach  supercell  a lesson but why well  the hacker apparently found a weak spot  and tried to give them advice  on their own security but after multiple  employees and even the  ceo of supercell did not respond he went  ahead and hacked them the information he  managed to snag was of course  access to their social medias and  personal contact info but  also revenue numbers those numbers  explain that clash of clans had  29.4 million daily active users on  february 7 of 2014  and that they had ranked in an  incredible 5.15 million dollars  that day alone for clash of clans now  the hacker denied to explain how he  hacked them but  after a few days of the incident  supercell ended up posting about it on  their social medias  confirming that they were indeed hacked  now something similar like this happened  a few times over the years as well  but those were for the clash of clans  forums  not for the company or the game itself  it's a bit too  unrelated to the game so i'm just gonna  leave that out of the video but  yeah so guys that is the five  times clash of clans has been hacked and  yes  it's very unfortunate that it's only  five times  well i mean i guess it's not unfortunate  but you know what i mean like i wish  this video could be longer  but fortunately clash of clans rarely  ever gets hacked  it's great to know that the game we play  every day is pretty much unhackable i  mean we put in  hours and money into the game in hopes  that what we're doing has a meaning when  a game gets hacked  and people have an advantage over you it  doesn't feel  like a challenge anymore it doesn't feel  worth it anymore  supercell has worked very hard to keep  it that way  and yeah obviously they've had some  hiccups along the way  but fortunately that's only been about  four or five times  so as always i hope you guys enjoyed  today's video please like comment and  subscribe and as always  thanks for watching happy gaming out  peace

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